Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 in Knits

2014 was probably my best year ever for knits. I managed to knit 11 sweaters, 3 dresses, 4 stjärna ornaments, 1 pair of fingerless mitts, 1 hedgehog, and 2 top-secret items that can't be shared until the pattern is published this coming spring.

I became a test and sample knitter in 2014, testing 7 patterns and making 4 samples. I learned a lot of new skills, like Latvian and Estonian braids, tubular and i-cord cast-ons, and a few different ways to work short rows. Sweater construction became a lot more intuitive, my knitting math improved tremendously, and I now have a very firm handle on what does and doesn't work for my measurements and body shape, and how to modify patterns accordingly. I also feel like I can fairly confidently call myself an advanced knitter now. Next step: pattern designing. Hopefully. Maybe.

Here's a quick peek at all my knits this year. You can click the links in the captions to go to each project's Ravelry page, where you can read my notes and see more photos. All of these should be public links, so no need to have a Ravelry account to view them! A few of these still need a proper photo shoot, but I wanted to get them logged in 2014 to track my accomplishments.

Top row (left to right): Earl Grey, Django's Hedgie, Polar Vortex.
Bottom row (left to right): Hermit's Rest, Neapolitan Blooms, Tamarack and Pine.
Top row (left to right): Anamnesis, Ambrosia, Namaste Pullover.
Bottom row (left to right): Peppermint Stick, Poseidon's Hounds, Brigantine.
Top row (left to right): Little Boxes, Blueberry Season.
Bottom row (left to right): Stjärna, Cotton Candy, Trip Trap.
Almost every new thing I finished this year became my favorite. I'm especially proud of my Anamnesis dress and Poseidon's Hounds sweater. They both fit like a glove! And they're in my favorite yarn in my favorite colors. Another standout for me is the Little Boxes cardigan. The pattern was so fun and addicting; I kept telling myself "just one more square" the whole time I was working on it. I'd like to make another one, but with a zipper instead of buttons, and maybe hidden side pockets.

In 2015, I will try for 15 sweaters! This may be unreasonable as this will be my first spring shearing and then having my own fiber to process, but it's good to set goals! I'd also like to try my hand at designing. I've had some sweater designs in my brain for ages, and I think I just may finally have the skills to make them real. We'll see!

What were your favorite knits (or spins!) of 2014?

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