Friday, July 17, 2015

Soay Fleece!

ETA: Um, wow. Less than an hour after posting this, all the regular fleeces are sold! Thank you so, so much. What a boost for this farmer, and for this very special breed! I do still have second cuts available by the ounce, so scroll to the bottom if you're interested in those.

I finally finished skirting the sheep fleeces this weekend! I've decided to keep Kilda's fleece for myself this year, and Lilith hasn't been rooed yet. So here's the breakdown:

Jasmine's fleece comes in at .7 pounds. It is very clean, but has quite a few guard hairs and shorter staples. 
SOLD, thank you!
Daisy's fleece weighs .6 pounds and is also very clean. 
SOLD, thank you!

Dorrie's fleece is .8 pounds. It has the longest staples, being two years' worth of growth, but it also has more VM that won't come out without a good wash due to the stickiness of the lanolin. Dorrie's fleece is probably not the most fun/best place to start if you're new to spinning soay.
SOLD, thank you!
Dawn has the lightest fleece, at .4 pounds. Her blanket is the most intact of all of them, but it is also the stickiest. This one may need extra soaks/washes.
SOLD, thank you! 
I also have 1.5 pounds of mixed seconds. These are the bits that weren't directly attached to anyone's blanket, belly or neck hair, bits that came off with a second pass of rooing, shorter staples, that sort of thing. It'd be great for needle-felting projects or for carding and blending with other wool. You can buy this by the ounce for $2 an ounce.

Please note that all fleeces are unwashed. They have been skirted and I've picked out as much of the VM as possible. But, my sheep live happy lives on pasture, so you will still find small bits as you spin!

I have never used these PayPal buttons before, so fingers crossed this all works out smoothly. I will refund any shipping overages if they occur.

And for the non-spinners, don't worry, I will process some of this lovely fluff into yarn at some point! The alpaca fleeces are still being skirted, but will be ready for sale in another week or so.

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