Monday, December 7, 2015

Big Pimpin', 2015 edition

This handsome devil is Campbell, future father of the 2016 lamb crop! He's from the same farm as the ewes (and last year's ram), and he's quite the looker! Those horns! So magnificent. And so far, he's so much calmer than Caesar was.

Just like Caesar, though, he was ready to go the instant I let him into the ewe pen after his long car ride! He was interested in Dorrie right away, and she him, so I'm going to bet right now that she's the first to lamb next spring.
Daisy was fairly interested too, and just like last year, she and Dorrie had a few dust-ups over who should get the man.
And also like Caesar, Campbell assured the ladies there was enough of him to go around. It will be interesting to see the differences in lambs next spring given the different father! I'm also really, really curious to see how Lilith and Kilda's lamb(s) will look. Especially Kilda, as her genetics are a bit more diverse than the rest of the flock. Mark your calendars--lamb watch 2016 starts the last week of April!

Meanwhile, since the lambs are still too young to breed, they're currently living with the boy alpacas (oh yeah, the boys got their own pen and paddock in November!). I think Gus is happy to be reunited with at least some of "his" ladies.
Don't they all look so happy and cozy together?

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