Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome, Caesar!

On Saturday, I drove down to Narnia Farm (the same place the ewes came from) to pick up a ram for my girls. Meet Caesar. Isn't he gorgeous?
As you can see, he's quite a bit lighter than my girls. He's what is called light phase (tan), while the girls are dark phase. I'm hoping for some tan babies next spring or maybe even a few babes with both dark and light!

Despite the weirdness of being pulled away from his friends and traveling to my farm, he was rarin' to go the minute he was released from the dog crate I transported him in. I would've thought he'd be tired from his journey, but no! He started chasing the girls around immediately. They were pretty unimpressed at first, but then Jasmine and Daisy started sniffing at him a bit and seeming very interested.
So far, all Caesar seems to do is chase tail and headbutt things (rather vigorously, too! Thank goodness the boards in his pen are all at least an inch thick!). And he kind of stinks. Boys, amiright?!

This afternoon when I checked on everyone, Daisy and Dorrie were having a bit of a tiff, circling and butting each other. Fighting for Caesar's affections, perhaps?
Listen, Daisy. He's mine. MINE. Capisce?
Ladies, there's enough of me for everyone. Trust.
Caesar will be here for about 6 weeks. This should be enough time for the girls to all cycle at least once, so everyone should (fingers crossed!) be pregnant by the time I bring him home again. Lamb watch officially begins April 29; mark your calendars!

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